The Ruddy Group helps Austin Rowing Club, a non-profit, promote rowing to the Austin area, with a focus on traditionally underserved communities.

Recent Project

The Ruddy Group created a brochure to explain the club’s Outreach efforts.

Design by Chelsea Jones

The Ruddy Group works closely with North Dallas Shared Ministries, a non-profit serving some 60,000 of the less fortunate each year.

Significant Projects

The Ruddy Group spearheaded a total redesign of their website, defining site navigation and writing all the copy.

Art direction by Pixelthink Creative, site implementation and management by NCC Internet Services


The Ruddy Group developed theme and wrote copy for NDSM’s Annual Report.

Art direction by Victor Perea, photos by Peter Poulides


Click the images below to view posters created for NDSM

Art direction by Victor Perea