Representative Projects


The Ruddy Group We have directed segments for the Dr Phil Show since it first launched. We have traveled across the country to capture the issues of people who have turned to Dr. Phil for assistance. Now in its eighth season, Dr. Phil continues to provide solutions to thorny problems.

The Ruddy Group has produced coverage for ESPN of the Dallas Cowboys and shot segments for their programs Outside the Lines and Baseball Tonight.

CBS, Disney, Fox, General Electric and Viacom – the five largest media firms in the world – have used The Ruddy Group.

Corporate Communications and Media Production

The Ruddy Group has produced an annual Chairman’s safety message for several years for a Fortune 100 consumer products company. The program is translated into multiple languages and shown to more than 50,000 employees worldwide. The programs are credited with assisting the firm to continue being a leader in maintaining an excellent safety record.

The Ruddy Group worked with a Fortune 500 company to design the “look and feel” for a worldwide videoconference to bring all their top 300 managers together for the first time – at multiple locations in North America, Europe and the Far East. We then produced and directed the multi-camera event, and prepared highlights that were shared with an additional 3,000 team members. The client believes the event moved forward implementation of the CEO’s globalization agenda by at least twelve months.

The Ruddy Group has developed two programs for an area non-profit. One explained their work to general audiences; one helped them recruit volunteers. Much of the visual material was the same, but the scripts targeted two distinct audiences. Both have contributed to the success of the organization and both have won multiple awards.

Consulting, Branding and Advertising

The Ruddy Group assisted a major financial services provider to improve their internal video operations. We proposed new processes and procedures for live broadcast and tape programming, including a new reporting structure and re-definition of management duties and responsibilities. We assisted with the creation of a new “look and feel” for their weekly video news magazine, including graphics, music and set. We helped to create an effective mechanism to coordinate content among print, Web and broadcast outlets.

The Ruddy Group worked with a regional industrial products distributor to hone an image in keeping with its exceptional capabilities. We helped to develop a coherent set of values and beliefs and to introduce it as a touchstone for decision-making. We wrote and designed a four-color capabilities brochure. We refined the logo and applied it consistently in print and on signage. We developed print pieces to support sales and marketing opportunities. All these products helped achieve a better first impression in the marketplace.

The Ruddy Group has developed and/or directed regional TV spots for major national brands and developed – written, directed and produced – nationally distributed PSAs for several non-profit entities.